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These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) are the terms and conditions upon which Free Range Floristry (we, us, I) makes available to you, the event commissioner (s), any of our services. By paying the booking fee of £100 and no more or less, to secure your wedding flowers with Free Range Floristry you agree to the following terms and conditions. 

Free Range Floristry Products And Services 

1.1 All of Free Range Floristry products are dependent on availability. In the event of any supply difficulties, shortages or unforeseen economic events, we agree the right to substitute a previously agreed  ingredient or component with a design of the equivalent value and quality that is without notice. This includes foliage, plants and sundries that may not also be available. I would stress that qoutes do contain several seasonal flowers and alternatives will be discussed with clients, whilst Free Range Floristry will make every reasonable effort to source alternative products. 

1.2 All personal consultations are to be made by appointment only no sooner than 16 weeks prior to wedding date, it is largely unreasonable to expect Free Range Floristry to know what will be available given weather and economy prior to this point in regards to smaller details and filler flowers and foliage. Price includes one consultation lasting no more than 60 minutes, initial quote, Free Range Floristry to confer with venue, supplier etc, Free Range Floristry is available via email or phone call to answer any queries or questions you may have. 

1.3 Any extra requested 1:1 consultations will be billed with travel expenses at a cost of £100 per hour. Free Range Floristry makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that extra consultations are never needed beyond reason of in-depth quote, consultation, email and telephone contact. This is to protect the personal and ethical operating space of Free Range Floristry as an individual. 

1.4 A deposit of £100 is required to secure the date, dates can and will be changed with all reasonable efforts by Free Range Floristry (there is yet to be a wedding we haven’t been able to accommodate or change due to covid). However, if consultation has been given and circumstances are non covid post 16 weeks previous to wedding, the deposit will not be returned and will cover cost of consultation, emails and initial qoute.

1.5 All wedding and event orders under £600 are collection only from Free Range Floristry, if delivered they are so at extra cost or at discretion of Free Range Floristry. Events under £600 will not be offered a 1:1 consultation, but an initial quote and email contact only. Couples or Clients in this circumstance are welcome to book a 1:1 consultation at a cost of £100 for an hour, Free Range Floristry makes every reasonable effort to ensure a high end consultation is not required to fill clients brief and meet needs effectively. 

1.6 Free Range Floristry may grow your flowers up to 12 months in advance, initial pre order up to 6 months in advance and finally order 2 week in advance. Once flowers have been confirmed by Free Range Floristry, any uncontrollable changes to initial brief the event commissioner will be made aware of (1.1). However, you  the events commisioner will not be allowed to make any significant changes after orders have been placed without occurring additional fees. Free Range Floristry however, will make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs and any changes that do not alter the integrity of the initial qoute. 

Price And Payment 

2.1 Prices listed within Free Range Floristry initial quote are valid for 12 months from the date sent to you, the events commissioner. If you event is longer away than 12 months then prices in the initial quote should be taken as a guide only. Should the price of components or design rise significantly (more than 10%) we shall notify you, the events commissioner as soon as reasonably possible and pass this cost onto said commissioner. 

2.2 A deposit of £100 must be made by events commissioner to secure their date with Free Range Floristry, whom reserves the right to not hold this date until payment has been made. Refunds of this depend on 1.4 and if a 1:1 consultation has already occurred, if so the £100 will cover the cost of this to the events commissioner for Free Range Floristry’s time, expertise and labour. 

2.3 The final invoice for your, the events commissioners flowers, will be due payable by you no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. This payment must be paid in the bacs details payable in the ongoing and initial quote sent to the events commissioner and referenced accordingly so. 


3.1 Free Range Floristry charges for travel outside of Manchester and The Lake District (over 70 minutes) a rate of £0.55p per mile and an additional £12 per hour. All orders under £600 do not include delivery and subsequent delivery will be at Free Range Floristry’s discresion or at this cost (1.5)

3.2 Free Range Floristry will include travel and delivery in all quotes within radius of (1.1), you the events commissioner and required to pay extra fees if venue should alter outside of this initial scope.

Set Up And Removal 

4.1 Free Range Floristry will personally deliver and set up all events commissioner’s orders over £600, unless otherwise agreed on the morning of or evening before the event. Larger events can involve the use of trusted hire florists who will be briefed by Free Range Floristry and provide the same service. 

4.2 Free Range Floristry do not include a tear down or maintenance fee to events dressers in their quote. Free Range Floristry take no responsibility for damage or wear caused to rental objects from other events providers. It is the responsibility of you, the events commissioner to ensure that florals are taken away from the venue after the event and or removed from hired vessels not in the ownership of Free Range Floristry 

4.3 Free Range Floristry do not accept responsibility for any failure to collect event florals, wear and tear of any arrangement used by the wedding party - for example the misplacing of buttonholes or the damaging of flowers and vases that do not reflect the quality in which they were collected. Any oversight to correctly transport flowers, attach flowers or care for flowers in appropriate conditions remains the responsibility of wedding party and or events commissioner’s.

4.4 Free Range Floristry requires that we are the sole provider of florals at your event. Please note that other than a team of trusted church related dressers or events dressers, Free Range Floristry will not work with or provide flowers for other florists or family members. 

4.5 Free Range Floristry offers a service of buckets of flowers at £150 per bucket, to not include an actual bucket, but being enough to fill an average florist size bucket. These can be bought and used by you, the events commissioner to decorate your venue. It is the responsibility of you to collect these at an arranged time, transport them, condition and trim them. Free Range Floristry takes no responsibility for any damage that may be done during the process of travel, conditioning or set up to include wear and tear with said bucket of flowers. This includes personal damage from stems, thorns, allergies etc. Free Range Floristry reserves the right to change contents of bucket, but will ensure a colour scheme is kept too, these are seasonal and last minute thus reflected in their price to you the events commissioner. Any requests over types of flowers in said buckets is unfortunately non negotiable or possible.  

4.6 Free Range Floristry accepts no responsibility for damage caused by flames or lit candles at an event once we have left the event set up. Whilst we Free Range Floristry can provide candles and vessels for the events commissioner, these remain the sole property of the events commissioner once even set up is complete. Free Range Floristry will never light candles or be responsible for the lighting of candles at any event, this is non negotionable. 

Props Hire

5.1 Items hired or borrowed from Free Range Floristry (such as vases, milkchurns, arches, crates, neons and props) shall at all times remain the property of Free Range Floristry. You the events commissioner are responsible for the security of the goods from the time they are delivered, until the time they are collected and back in possession of Free Range Floristry. All items must be returned in the condition they were delivered and to the correct amount hired by you. Failure to do so by you the events commissione,r will result in a replacement free to cover their initial cost, the time and profit lost in their absence for other events plus the time required to resource or fix the items. 

Complaints Procedure 

6.1 In the event that any events commissioner is not happy with the product or service they have received, any complaints should be addressed in the first instance and within 1 working day of the delivery date to


Disclaimer - Ill Health, Acts of God or Adverse Weather Conditions

7.1 We fully endeavour to ensure that Free Range Floristry is fully operational and error free, although we can not always guarantee this. Acts of god, sudden ill health and adverse weather may effect our ability to deliver our product or service. We have contingency plans in place for all such events, however ultimately we cannot accept any responsibility for acts of god, sudden ill health and adverse weather conditions and if Free Range Floristry becomes obstructed from providing our services or product as agreed with the events commissioner, then we will offer a full refund of monies paid. 


8.1 Cancellations of The Free Range Floristry products or services must be given as soon as reasonably possible. If you cancel your events after full payment has been made (prior two weeks before the event), we will be unable to offer you a refund and will retain the full amount. Please see below for further timescales and refund amounts. 

2 weeks up until event date, full deposit retained and full amount payable. 

4 weeks up until event date, full deposit retained and 75% of full amount payable. 

3 months up until event date, full deposit retained and 50% of full amount payable. 


9.1 Free Range Floristry reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of their services from time to time. We will inform the events commissioner of any changes to the Free Range Floristry terms and conditions. If you do not sign and return a copy of the terms and conditions listed herewith, by the act of paying a booking fee deposit you are proceeding with the booking and entering into a contract and therefore agree to these terms and conditions. 

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